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Current Status
The Flight Watch Project is in stasis. We are seeking a development partner.
The Elegance and Power to Control Time
"Special Edition" timepieces are handcrafted "Swiss Made" designs. Our crafstman is uniquely qualified for development of the first Flight Watch timepiece. having designed for Special Forces in Europe.
Since 1992, engineers and expertise from Germany, Switzerland, the Pacific Rim and America have been involved in this development. John Reisman, an engineer, pilot and inventor of the Flight Watch, designed the integrated flight timing systems, and global time management systems.
NOTE: "Special Editions" can be reserved. The designs will not be revealed publicly at this time. Contact us for information on private showings.
"Special Edition" timepieces will be numbered and pedigreed. To ensure the origin and pedigree, Flight Watch will maintain a confidential database of the owners of these timepieces.