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Current Status
The Flight Watch Project is in stasis. We are seeking a development partner.
Flight Test & Progress Updates
Flight Watch is currently in a holding pattern somewhere over Switzerland.
The in-flight testing phase was expected to begin in the summer of 2005. Currently testing is suspended while the program development is reexamined. Pilots from various backgrounds and aviation experience will be included from around the world.
The system will be tested for function and program integrity in cross-country flight with general aviation and commercial test pilots in multiple type aircraft:
  • Commercial Jet
  • Private Jet
  • Turbo-Prop Aircraft
  • Single Engine (Normal Aspiration)
  • Multi Engine (Normal Aspiration)
  • Rotary Aircraft
  • Scenarios in General Aviation tests with Single Engine will include:
  • Balanced Fuel Feed
  • Manual Tank Switching
  • Flight test results will determine adjusted program parameters.